WisdomTree Floating Rate ETF: Better Than Your Bank Deposit Account (NYSEARCA:USFR)

Dilok Klaisataporn

The WisdomTree Floating Charge Treasury Fund (NYSEARCA:USFR) gives publicity to floating charge treasury notes. Floating charge treasury notes are primarily the identical as rolling 3 month T-Payments quarterly.

I believe the USFR ETF is appropriate for buyers who

USFR fund details

Determine 1 – USFR fund particulars (wisdomtree.com)

USFR holdings

Determine 2 – USFR holdings (wisdomtree.com)

USFR distribution yield

Determine 3 – USFR distribution yield (Looking for Alpha)

USFR recent distributions

Determine 4 – USFR latest distributions (wisdomtree.com)

USFR historical returns

Determine 5 – USFR historic returns (morningstar.com)

Deposit rates remain minuscule

Determine 6 – Deposit charges stay minuscule (St. Louis Fed)

3-month T-bills are yielding 4.8%

Determine 7 – 3 month T-bills are yielding 4.8% (St. Louis Fed)

Deposits have been fleeing banks

Determine 8 – Deposits have been fleeing banks (St. Louis Fed)

TBIL and USFR have delivered nearly identical returns

Determine 9 – TBIL and USFR have delivered practically an identical returns (Looking for Alpha)

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